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Academic Researchers

Successful scientists must be able to publish, give presentations, write NIH grants, plan their research and manage their labs effectively and ethically. Yet little of this is taught as part of your scientific education.

Academic Researchers

If you want to achieve your very best professionally, you have come to the right place.

Whether coaching individual research leaders or consulting to their laboratories, we have a record of significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of a scientist’s career that go beyond the bench.

For two decades, we have assisted world class researchers, mid-career scientists, and upcoming scientific stars to:

  • Make great career moves
  • Improve their management and leadership skills
  • Publish more quickly and successfully in journals such as Nature, Science, and Cell
  • Upgrade their communications skills
  • Significantly enhance their productivity
  • Improve the social, political, and diplomatic skills necessary to succeed at the highest levels

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