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Leadership & Management Programs

Our programs focus on two areas of professional development: scientific communications and leadership/management. We conduct seminars, workshops, training programs and one-to-one coaching to help researchers quickly gain the skills they need to succeed.

Leadership and Management Training for Scientists

Accomplished scientists often leave the bench early in their careers to head labs, research departments or institutes. Unfortunately, scientific skills and creative insights about nature are unrelated to people skills, visionary leadership and administration. Without proper training, these new leaders may replicate the mistakes of their mentors.

Leadership and Management Programs

How will you benefit from our programs?

  • Participants will significantly improve their skills in hiring, setting goals, managing, and evaluating employees
  • Young scientists will gain experience in making tough management decisions, using real case studies
  • Program directors and managers will be able to work more effectively with different personality types
  • Researchers will learn to apply proven principles of leadership and choose the leadership approaches that best fit their situations
  • Clients will develop their emotional intelligence, testing and applying approaches that leverage empathy for improved morale and performance
  • Participants will learn how to integrate the use of people skills with hard performance metrics

What will we do to help you define and achieve your goals?

  • In-depth interviews of clients and participants form an essential part of how we prepare each training session. Training and coaching are tailored to meet your specific corporate objectives
  • Personality assessments such as DISC and MBTI are available to improve awareness of management strengths and styles
  • Participants will leave our programs with specific objectives and new tools to track their progress
  • Follow-up training and coaching help our clients to develop and apply their new skills in achieving their goals

Why should you hire us?

Still Point has special expertise in helping scientists develop into great managers and leaders. Christopher G. Edwards, PhD has been coaching senior level scientists to improve their performance for 15 years. His clients include members of the National Academy of Sciences, leaders in pharma and biotech companies, and heads of research institutes. Beth Schachter, PhD ran a successful laboratory at Mount Sinai School of Medicine for over 16 years. As a consultant, Beth has given NIH and NSF-funded seminars on professional development issues and has helped numerous scientific and medical professionals to define and achieve their goals. John Roberts has been designing management training programs and performance development workshops for over 18 years. His programs have been used by many Fortune 500 companies, as well as rapidly growing small- and medium-sized companies.