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Writing & Editing Services

We understand the life and biomedical sciences, the scientific community, and how good research can attract substantial funding. That’s why companies and academic centers come to us to when they need to tell a compelling story of their vision, strengths and plans. We will help your science get attention at the highest levels: in research journals, white papers, strategic plans and offerings.

Writing and Editing Services

If you need text that is strategically positioned, accurate, and persuasive for scientists, clinicians, executives, policy-makers or any funding sources…

You have landed on the right page.

Our strategic communications services have helped to attract many millions of dollars in funding for our clients, which include large and small biopharma companies, universities and medical schools, research institutes and startups. Our work has appeared in public and private offering documents, web pages, annual reports, review articles, meeting reports, advertisements and blogs. In addition, our assistance with NIH grant proposals has helped our clients obtain many millions of dollars in funding.

How will you benefit from our services?

  • Readers will fully understand and be engaged in your stories, whether they involve molecular mechanisms, organizational ability, marketing strategy or stock trends
  • When you need to have research explained to other scientists, your text will highlight your scientific strengths with clarity, accuracy and precision. Collectively, we have worked with world-class scientists on their documents for decades
  • When you need to reach non-scientists, they will grasp the essentials of even the most arcane subjects
  • Strategic plans, public or private offerings, and annual reports will reflect your greatest vision, achievements and expertise. We have been doing this work since the birth of biotechnology
  • If we take on your project, we’ll meet your deadline. Guaranteed.
  • We watch your backs and work proactively. We can anticipate many of your needs, keeping your project on track even under the most difficult conditions

How will we help you achieve your goals?

  • We can work with you from project inception to define your message and align it with your intended readers
  • We can perform a communications audit, if needed, to test your communications strategy against public perceptions and assure that relevant members of your organization are on the same page
  • We will interview the scientists or executives involved with your story, and then turn their contributions into a unified document. Our backgrounds include substantial experience in the lab, a molecular and cell biologist’s understanding of the latest research, and a business journalist’s awareness of a good story
  • We will draft, edit and rewrite to make the copy say what you want to say, in the way you want to say it.

Why hire Still Point?

Christopher Edwards, PhD and Beth Schachter, PhD will bring to your project a remarkable combination of skills. Chris has spent his entire career as a science communicator who bridges the worlds of the life sciences and business. The founding Editor-in-Chief of Bio/Technology (now called Nature Biotechnology), his writing has appeared in books, journals, magazines, online columns, annual reports, public and private offerings, review articles and major grants. Beth was a research professor in cell and molecular biology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Principal Investigator on NIH and other grants for over 15 years, before turning to a career as a science writer. She is widely published in top research journals and magazines for scientists, and she has worked on major grants and research plans for numerous medical schools, universities and government agencies.