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If you want to perform at your best, with greater creativity and productivity, we can help.

Coaching Services

If we choose to work together, how will you benefit?

  • Significant improvement in your work life, including greater productivity, better management of self and others, and more persuasive communication at all levels
  • A better understanding of your strengths and the ability to apply them more effectively
  • A stronger sense of where you want to go with your career, both short- and long-term
  • Enhancement of some basic work skills if you need it, leading to better time management,
  • improved social-emotional intelligence, and a more focused approach to your work
  • Greater confidence and self acceptance

What will we do to help you achieve these results?

  • Help you define your career vision, if needed
  • Be an advocate for your success, as you define it
  • Creatively brainstorm with you about your strategy and tactics, offering ideas, suggestions, and supportive criticism
  • Inspire you to set and achieve weekly goals that will move you just far enough beyond your comfort zone to increase your capacities
  • Help you stay accountable and on course through weekly reviews and unlimited email contact
  • Provide an array of resources to help you achieve your goals, including relevant learning tools and business contacts
  • Review and comment on virtually any written business or scientific communications that need editing, including resumes, business plans, presentations, letters or articles. Chris Edwards draws on his long experience as a business and science editor, entrepreneur, communications consultant and career coach
  • Help you maintain your sense of humor and perspective

Why should you work with Still Point?

Christopher G. Edwards, PhD. has been helping scientists and executives improve all aspects of their careers for over 15 years. He provides each client with a unique combination of coaching and consulting to help them achieve their goals more easily. Chris helps them to understand their skills and strengths and provides an informed outsider