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Pharma Communicators

Whether you work in a pharmaceutical company, biotechnology firm or research institute, you know the power of your scientific knowledge in the laboratory. To fully harness that power and attract supporters, innovators, and collaborators, you need to give your scientific achievements the strongest possible voice.

The Science Communications Practice at Still Point Coaching and Consulting specializes in communicating biomedical research to scientific thought leaders, research partners, philanthropists, and investors. We bring a unique combination of scientific, editorial and strategic marketing skills to serve your needs. A few of our services:

  • We facilitate the publication of peer-reviewed research in the highest-level journals. We train and guide scientific authors, and their lab groups, to write and publish more efficiently and effectively. As former editors at Nature and Elsevier publications, we can edit your work for clarity and help you find the most appropriate journals
  • We write white papers to highlight your singular achievements, positioning your work accurately and in a targeted fashion
  • We also write reports and brochures for your research products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices so that customers, collaborators and investors will trust and recognize your achievements
  • We produce literature and can even develop entire publications for professional education
  • We also write annual reports and financial offerings, both public and private
  • We edit large, multi-investigator NIH grants and strategic documents for research institutes, medical schools, and large laboratories

For more information, See our Writing & Editing Services page.

Whether you are a CEO, CSO, Dean, leader of a large laboratory, or public affairs executive in a pharmaceutical company, we want to talk with you.