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Our mission is simple: help scientists to be their best in all aspects of their careers.

Medical schools, universities, and companies contract us to help their researchers upgrade their skills in all areas of their professional lives except actual bench research. Individual scientists also hire us when they want to enhance their performance in their careers, change careers, or get up to speed quickly to meet the demands of new responsibilities.

We offer executive and performance coaching, which focuses on helping researchers clarify their goals and then meet them. As requested, we than train researchers to become better writers, leaders, and managers. We complement this by offering essential information about scientific cultures and the opportunities available to our clients. For example, we know a great deal about how things work in departments, federal funding agencies, biopharma companies and scientific publishers.

Medical schools, universities and companies come to us when they need strategic communications services and editorial consulting. If you need help with a large project, we have probably done it well before: multimillion dollar grants, corporate public offerings, white papers, strategic plans, or annual reports, among others.

Because we have served as science writers and editors in top research journals and other science publications, we offer a suite of writing and editing services for our clients.

We offer workshops and seminars where researchers can get hands-on, systematic training in leadership and management or writing and speaking.

Many of our current and former clients are recognized as world leaders in their fields. Would you like to join them?