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Pharma Lab Leaders

Why do research executives in pharma companies seek us out?

We help them turn their visions into reality by strengthening their leadership, teambuilding and management skills.

Scientific leaders don’t always have the people skills to match their research and analytical talents. Our programs help them to be more efficient and effective in directing people as well as projects.

Pharma Leaders

We treat management myopia: the difficulty in staying focused on the big picture while dealing with the day-to-day details.

Our clients become far more effective communicators, and they see the results: improved morale, greater productivity, better teamwork, more creative research.

They learn to practice the best skills of conflict management – perhaps the most difficult, frustrating, and important aspect of leading and managing people.

We’re Still Point Coaching and Consulting. We have been serving the pharmaceutical community for two decades. If you or anyone in your company wants greater results from your research team, please contact us.